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Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

Being a tall person can come with many challenges. Can you imagine going to the gym to work out and realize that you are too tall to use some equipment? Frustrating, right?

The rowing machine is one of the best full-body workout machines because it targets almost every single muscle. Rowing is usually considered a sport for people taller than average.

However, do you know that most people above six feet may not find a rowing machine fit for them? This leaves people with questions like, “What is the best rowing machine for a tall person?”

In this article, I will be breaking down the top six rowing machines for tall people that might just be perfect for you!

But first, let us look at the factors to consider before purchasing a rowing machine:


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing A Rowing Machine

  • What is my budget? How much money am I willing to spend on a rowing machine?
  • Do I have adequate space for storage and usage of my rowing machine?
  • How often will I use the rowing machine?
  • Is rowing the kind of exercise I enjoy?

How to Choose The Best Rowing Machine?

  • Noise Level

Consider the noise level of the machine. If you plan to use the rowing machine in your apartment, it is better to choose one that makes minimal noise.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Considering the maintenance of any huge equipment is essential before buying it. Always go for the machine you can easily maintain without professional intervention.

  • Size and Storage

A rowing machine is a vast piece of equipment that can take up ample space in your house. The best machine for you is that which will fit in your desired space and storage.

  • Read Reviews

After deciding on your preferred machine, check the reviews of those who made similar purchases regarding its durability, quality, comfort, performance, and storage capabilities. These days, you can find lots of reviews online from real users. By reading users’ reviews, you will have a basic idea about the machine.

Advantages of a rowing machine.

A rowing machine targets all your body muscle groups, increasing your strength and balance. Rowing regularly gives you a strong arm, shoulders, back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Rowing serves a full-body workout, meaning you achieve maximum benefits from just one machine.

Using a rowing machine is a perfect tool for losing weight. Rowing burns approximately 800 calories per hour, in turn allowing you to shed some weight.

A rowing machine is used both for cardio and strength training. Rowing will keep your heart racing and also create resistance, leading to increased strength.

Attributes That Differentiate Rowing Machines

  • Weight Limit

The weight limit differs from one machine to another. Most rowing machines have a weight limit of 100kgs, but others go up to 160kgs.

  • Rail

The machines with plastic rails tend to wear out quickly and are usually cheaper. Rails with bearings are more expensive and of higher quality.

A tall person should consider the rail length before purchasing a rowing machine. A more extended rail implies a wider stroke for them.

  • Regulation of Resistance

Some rowing machines require manual regulation, while others use electronic regulation.

  • The Type of Braking System

Most rowing machines use a magnetic or hydraulic braking system. A few use air and water resistance systems.

  • Display

A majority of rowing machines have a control panel showing the number of calories burned, time, distance, and speed.

Machines controlled manually have small and simple displays. In contrast, the electronic ones have backlit displays that are easy to read and allow you to choose different training programs. Some even allow you to compete with the computer.

The Best Way to Use Rowing Machines

Step 1: Leg Isolations

The first position is known as “the catch”. Begin by holding the oar with your arms straight and shoulders leveled, knees bent, and ensure the ball’s weight is on your feet.

Keeping your back straight and core engaged, use only your legs to push back, lifting your heels as needed, and keeping your feet flat all through.

Leg Isolation Source: Pinterest

Step 2: Arm Isolation.

After getting familiar with lower body movements, begin isolating your arms. Keeping your legs straight, move the oar towards your chest.

Move your hands in a vertical line to and from the flywheel while relaxing your shoulders and keeping them low.

Arm Isolation. Source: Pinterest.

Step 3: The Finish

Keeping your back straight while engaging your core and keeping your feet firm, push back with your lower body, then pull your hands towards your chest using your upper body. Release your arms downwards and bend the knees to go back to the initial position, and repeat.

Proper Rowing Form Source: Pinterest.

Controversies about Machine Rowing.

1.Treadmills are better than rowing machines. On the contrary, using a rowing machine has several benefits, such as building endurance and strengthening the body, while a treadmill only burns calories.

2.Rowing machines are bad for the back. This is another false assumption since rowing machines could prevent injuries and back pains by strengthening the lower back and core muscles.

3.Rowing machines should not be used on a daily basis. Rowing is quite similar to walking and jogging. If done moderately for 20-40 minutes, there is no harm in rowing daily.

Precautions for Using a Rowing Machine

1.Maintain a proper form. Do not hunch your back or shrug your shoulders upwards. Having a bad posture puts more strain on the wrong body parts, causing more pain and less results.

2.Do not grip the handle too hard. Just hold it enough to avoid losing your grip, but not so hard that you get wears on your hands or tear your palms.

3.Only use this sequence: Legs, Hips, Arms, Arms, Hips, Legs. A different sequence will not work out.

4.Always sit upright. Keep your chest lifted, and do not let your shoulders or lower back collapse.

5.Remember to breathe always. Your breathing must be aligned with the rhythmic motion of rowing.

With all this knowledge in mind, I believe you are now ready to look at some of the best 6 rowing machines available for a tall person and decide on the most suitable one for you!


  1. Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with 15 Workout Programs, 2677, Black

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

The fitness reality 4000MR rowing machine uses the full motion technique, implying it uses different oars to form a reliable sculling action. Most rowers use only one handle, which usually fails to achieve this.

This action’s model means that you are using more of your upper body muscles since you are rotating your arms circularly.

If you are used to a one-handle rowing machine, it will take some time before adjusting to the dual handles with full-motion arms. But you will enjoy the action in the long run.

The rowing position of this machine highly favors tall people. With a seat that is 22’’ above the floor, getting on and off is easy.

The long inseam of the machine allows users with a maximum height of 6’5’’ while still allowing room for doing full strokes.

The machine handles have a suitable diameter and a fantastic full circular motion. This is not the case for all machines of this type. Some use only linear movements, failing to work the upper body properly.

The fitness reality 4000MR rowing machine is a pretty heavy machine with a weight of 116lbs, implying that it is sturdy and stable and will not move no matter the pressure you put when doing your best.


  • It has a full-motion action.
  • It has 15 workout programs, 10 that are already set, and 5 which you can customize to your liking.
  • It has a high sitting position, suitable for tall people.
  • The rowing position is excellent.
  • The noise level is very low and can be used in an apartment that requires less noise.
  • Assembling the machine is easy and requires no professional help.
  • The machine offers a good warranty for its buyers.
  • It has a 41’’ inseam, appropriate for taller users.
  • The machine monitor is great, even though it is not compatible with a PC.


  • The machine lacks a display of the heart rate.
  • Using the machine requires an external power source.
  • It is not compatible with a PC.
  • The machine is large and bulky even when folded.
  • The monitor can be frustrating to use due to its small size.
  • The manual is initially written in Chinese, and its English translation is difficult to understand.


  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine Rower w/ 350 lb. Weight Capacity and LCD Monitor

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

Sunny health and fitness brand are commonly purchased for home use as they are of low price but good quality.

This machine is one of the best for tall people, both big and slender. The machine has a huge inseam measurement of 52’’, making it comfortable for any tall person.

With a maximum carrying capacity of 350lbs, the machine accommodates even the tall and heavy people.

The machine's large foot pedals are also factors that tall people could enjoy. The pedals are also anti-slip, giving you a good grip and preventing your feet from slipping while working out.

The machine features 12 different resistance adjustable levels together with an LCD monitor that shows time, calories burned, total count, and strokes.

This machine's seat is quite close to the ground, an issue that would only arise when getting on and off the rowing machine. For tall people, this may seem uncomfortable.


  • The machine has a high weight capacity of 350lbs.
  • The machine is quiet and smooth, with a fair amount of resistance.
  • The machine is a folding machine and requires less storage space since it tucks away nicely.
  • The machine is easy to assemble, takes approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • The machine is very strong.
  • It gives the user total control; they decide whether to work only their legs, arms, or the whole body.
  • With its 12 levels of resistance, the machine could offer an intense workout for you. Most people are okay at level 6 at most.


  • The screen display is small and difficult to understand.
  • The machine can be uncomfortable on the knees for beginners.
  • The machine will not last long if used regularly.


  1. Marcy Water Rowing Machine Cardio Training Equipment, 300-lb Capacity NS-6070RW, Black

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

As the name suggests, this water rowing machine uses water resistance. Typically, you raw against the resistance of water, making rowing feel natural and unique.

Water rower models are generally suitable for people with a maximum height of 6’7’’. If you are taller than this recommended height, it is possible to contact the manufacturers and let them adjust the seat trail for you.

The Marcy water rowing machine is suitable for tall people because of its massive weight capacity of 300lbs and a 43’’ inseam length, one that accommodates exceptionally tall people.

With its large weight capacity and sturdy state, the water rowing machine is durable and one of the best home rowers you can find on the market.

The rowing machine provides an easy adjustment of resistance level by altering the amount of water level in your rower.

The Marcy Water Rower could be stored upright when not in use to save on space.


  • The rowing workout is smooth.
  • Easy storage. It takes less space and can be stored vertically in a corner. D
  • Large maximum weight capacity.
  • The large pedals provide safety by securing the feet when rowing.
  • You can easily track your progress.
  • The machine is very sturdy and easy to assemble.
  • It offers a more natural feeling of rowing.
  • The machine comes with everything you require, including a siphon, funnel, and water purification tablets.
  • No leakage is experienced.


  • The display monitor does not work effectively.
  • The compatibility of the machine with PC is low.
  • Difficult to read in a room with no bright light.


  1. Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Rowing Machine Seat Cover Compatible with The Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

The Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Rowing Machine seat covert is, particularly for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine seat.

The seat is suitable for tall people since it offers extra comfort after rowing for a long time.

The seat cover uses 100% silicon material, implying that it is malleable and not weak.

The cover gives the seat a hard grip, which is very important, especially during long rows.

Its silicone material also makes it easy to clean with just some soap and water in case of any spillage or sweat.

In creating the seat cover, the Thrive Fitness team took a 3D scan of the machine seat of C2 Rowing Machine, which enabled them to create a product of a similar shape to the seat.

The seat slides over from the top down. Once put in place, it seems like the only seat and is steady when you are rowing.

The seat comes in 5 stylish colors: Black, red, yellow, khaki green, and pink.


  • It is steady.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water because of its silicon material.
  • It provides extra comfort for long-distance rowing.
  • The machine comes in different stylish colors.
  • Compatible with the seat of the Concept 2 Rowing Machine.


  • Thin, and therefore uncomfortable during short rowing.
  • Only compatible with the seat of the C2 Rowing Machine.


  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person


This Sunny Health Rowing machine is most appropriate for people who are tall and slender. The machine has an ideal inseam length of 44’’, suitable for any tall person.

With a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, the machine does not accommodate big and tall people.

The machine has a digital monitor that displays total calories, time, count, and calories scan.

The machine comes with 8 different levels of magnetic resistance, easily adjustable to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.

The oversized pedals of the machine are another factor benefitting tall people. With their strong grips, your feet are assured of steadiness during your workouts.

The machine is best described as affordable and cheerful. The limitations of this machine do not compare to its lower price.

The seat may be quite uncomfortable and squeaky. But with the price, the machine does a great job, especially if you look at its magnetic power.


  • The quality of the machine for the price is amazing!
  • The machine is easy to assemble. The instruction manual is easy to understand, and the steps are easy to follow.
  • The machine is very comfortable.
  • It does not make any noises.
  • The footprint of the machine is minimal.


  • There is no way to track the number of meters you have rowed. The machine only tracks the calories, time, and strokes.
  • The monitor is tiny and difficult to read without glasses.
  • The machine lacks the virtual 3D glasses option.
  • The warranty is not valid in some countries.
  1. Stamina | X Air Rower

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

The Stamina X Air Power Machine is the most suitable machine for tall people who prefer exercises of low impact.

The machine uses an air resistance mechanism, increasing its resistance as you increase the strength you put in it.

It can accommodate users with a maximum weight and height limit of 250 lbs and 6’4’’, respectively.

Stamina X Rower comes with an easy-to-read LCD monitor that tracks your speed, calories burned, strokes per minute, workout time, and total strokes.

The comfortable padded seats of the model and its huge adjustable footplates make it suitable for tall people.

The in-built wheels of the machine make its transportation easy. And its folding frame makes it easy to store.

With every purchase of the machine, Stamina offers 2 free workout videos that help the user accomplish their physical health goals.


  • The machine is easily assembled and requires no professional assistance.
  • The quality of the machine meets its expectations and price.
  • The machine is cheap and provides long service. It still functions well after regular use for more than one year.
  • The machine folds easily and requires less storage space.
  • The footpads are flexible and adjustable, thereby accommodating people of different sizes.
  • The machine is solid with no movements when in operation.
  • The machine operates well, even with many people using it simultaneously.
  • It comes with two workout videos, which is helpful for beginners.


  • The machine is too noisy due to the open fan design and the metal chain.
  • It only provides a 180-Day parts warranty.
  • The machine lacks adjustment of resistance. The resistance depends on the force and speed of your pull.
  • The machine only measures distance in miles, a challenge for those familiar with different measurement dimensions.
  • The monitor is small in size, difficult to read, and occasionally inaccurate.

The Recommended Rowing Machine for A Tall Person

Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person

Based on my research, I would highly recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor.

If you are a tall person, the recommended machine needs to have an inseam measurement of more than 35’’.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine has an inseam measurement of 44’’, which is way above the recommended.

The rowing machine comes with a slide rail length of 48’’, making it suitable for tall people.

For the price range of this machine, the quality and durability of this machine are worth your penny. Getting a powerful machine at such an economical price is very rare.

The machine has a few downsides that cannot be considered deal-breakers. The seats might be a little uncomfortable, and the appearance of the dials of the monitor is unappealing.

But this does not beat the machine's functional qualities, especially considering that it is a magnetic rower.

With its foldable design, be assured of much storage space left after keeping it upright at the corner of your house!

This machine is sturdy and very durable. You will not have to think about purchasing another rowing machine for several years to come.